Ross Wetherbee

President + Director

When did you join Wear it Purple?

December, 2017

Position with Wear it Purple?


Why did you join Wear it Purple?

I’ve participated in Wear it Purple Day for many years, first through my then-workplace in Banking & Finance and thereafter though my work at Pride in Diversity. It was through this participation that I got to see first-hand how raising awareness of supporting LGBTI+ youth brought people in workplaces together, for so many different reasons, to ultimately make a significant impact on their inclusion, health and wellbeing.

I was also once (not too long ago!) a ‘young person’, and could have really done with an organisation like Wear it Purple. I’ve joined the Board as a way of staying thank you and to contribute to the growth and development of the organisation.

Do you identify in the community or support as an ally?

I’m a proud gay man!

3 fun facts about you.

·      I used to be a Springboard Diver & Ballroom Dancer

·      My cat has his own Facebook profile!

·      I’ve seen Beaches at least 100 times

Your hobbies/interests.

I love road trips, overseas travel, but never do enough! I am passionate about interior design, and an expert ‘supervisor’ of my partner Tim’s DIY projects!

I also love walking around the fabulous city I live in, Sydney, and catching up with friends over some good food & wine.

What do you do for work?

I manage Talent & Inclusion at TAL Australia.